Paruppu usili recipe

Paruppu usili is a very popular South Indian side dish for rice. It is a dry curry made with clusterbeans, bengalgram dal, urad dal and red chillies.

Rava laddu or ladoo recipe – Easy Indian deepavali/diwali sweet

Rava laddu is a very traditional sweet dish made from semolina/rava, sugar, milk and nuts. It is made on day of Diwali festival and on special occasions. Rava laddu is very popular and a tasty dessert liked by all.

Badam kheer or almond pudding recipe

Badam kheer is an Indian dessert made with milk, sugar, saffron and almonds. It is a very delicious and rich pudding which is made on special occasions. Saffron gives a nice colour and taste to the kheer. Badam kheer can be had either warm or chilled. Either way it tastes divine.

Avalakki payasa or aval payasam recipe

Avalakkai payasa is a traditional sweet dish made with beaten rice/poha, jaggery and coconut. This sweet dish is very popular in South India and it is also delicious and healthy. Jaggery has lot of iron content and beaten rice is easily digestible and fat free. Avalakki payasa is prepared on Janmashtami day, an auspicious occasion and served as offering/prasad to Lord Krishna. It is also prepared on all special and festive occasions.

Shahi paneer recipe

Shahi paneer is a very popular North Indian dish. It is prepared with paneer in a thick rich gravy made up of onions, tomatoes, almonds, badam and spices. Shahi paneer is served with rotis, naans or chapati.

Potato peas cutlet recipe

Potato peas cutlet is a wonderful combination of boiled potatoes, peas, green chillies, bread crumbs and mixed with spices. It is then either shallow fried or deep fried. Potato peas cutlet makes up for a good monsoon treat or as an evening snack. Potato peas cutlet is a very popular snack in North India. It is called as alu mutter tikki in hindi, which means potato peas cutlet

Vella dosai or bellada dosa or jaggery pancakes

Vellai dosai or bellada dosa is a traditional sweet dish and it can be had as a breakfast or as an evening snack. Vella dosai can be made very quickly and it is very healthy too. Rich in iron and protein, it is a nutritious snack for all.

Paneer masala puri recipe

Paneer masala puri is a very tasty and delicious puri made with cottage cheese, wheat flour and mixed with spices. It can had as a breakfast dish or as an evening snack.

Ragi dosa recipe

Ragi also known as finger millet is a rich source of iron, protein and calcium and fiber and helps in lowering cholesterol level. Ragi aids digestion and also makes your stomach full for a long time which is good for weight control. Ragi is also a staple diet in many villages across South India. It is a low fat cereal and among other health benefits, ragi is considered as a useful cereal for anemic patients. Regular intake of ragi prevents many health conditions such as malnutrition and premature aging.

Zunka or jhunka recipe

Zunka is a traditional Maharashtrian side dish, but it is also popular dish in North Karnataka. Zunka is best served with jowar or bajra rotis or even with plain rotis. Zunka recipe is a very simple dish and easy to make too. It is also called as pitla. It is a daily diet of people living in rural Maharashtra. Zunka is made by gram flour, onions and mixed with spices.