Heerekai palya (Ridgegourd vegetable) recipe

Heerekai palya

Ridgegourd vegetable is high in dietary fibre, iron and vitamin C. It is also called as turai in hindi or peerkangai in tamil. A simple and easy, but tasty recipe that goes well with rice and rotis.

Karela fry (Bittergourd fry)


A healthy stir fry vegetable cooked with spices.

Godi payasa or broken wheat kheer or dalia kheer


Broken wheat has got lot of health benefits. It helps in controlling cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure. It is a very healthy and delicious indian dessert.

Capsicum masala recipe – side dish for rotis

capsicum curry

Green bell pepper cooked in south indian style and a great side dish for rotis

Aloogadde palya or aloo sabzi

aloo palya

Aloo sabzi is a good side dish for rotis and puris. Aloogadde palya is a kannada word for potato vegetable. A spicy vegetable cooked with boiled potatoes and spices.

Stuffed baingan masala (Eggplant curry)


A delicious recipe made from egg plants cooked in a masala gravy done in south indian style

Badanekayi huli (Brinjal curry)


South indian curry served with steamed rice

Cabbage masala


A spicy cabbage recipe

Methi paratha or methi thepla recipe

methi thepla

Methi thepla is a favourite Gujarati snack and is one of the comfort food for Gujaratis. It can be either had as a snack or as a breakfast dish. It is ideal as a travel food as they have a great shelf life. It can be either had on its own or served with curd or pickle. Methi leaves or fenugreek leaves are rich in iron and calcium and is a good soure of fibre. Enjoy as a simple and healthy meal any day. Methi thepla is prepared with chopped fenugreek leaves, wheat flour, besan, curd and mixed with spices and then rolled out into thin parathas.

Padwal bhaji recipe

Padwal bhaji

Padwal also known as snake gourd or padavalakai in Karnataka, is low in calories and rich in calcium. A stir fry vegetable with grated coconut makes a good accompaniment for rice.