Mangalore: “Cook N Win” a vegetarian cuisine competition organized by Harsha events in association with was held on 4th August 2013 in the Hotel Poonja international.

Arbi ki sabji/subzi

Arbi is also called as taro root. It is called as kesavuna gedde or same gedde in Kannada or Sepankezhangu in Tamil. It is one of the finest source of dietary fibre and easily digestible. Taro is nutritious and an excellent source of potassium which is essential mineral for many bodily functions. Arbi is stir fried and mixed with spices which makes a great side dish for rice.

Tricolour idli recipe

A special tricolour idli to celebrate Independence day in true spirit. A very easy to make and healthy idlis made from coriander leaves, mint leaves and carrot. Surprise your family with these tricolour idlis on the Independence Day.

Charus Cuisine Event

Coconut burfi or thengai burfi

Coconut burfi is a very simple sweet dish made from fresh coconut, sugar and cardamom powder. Coconut burfi is made on special occasions or on festival days like Diwali or Janmashtami.

Rava idli recipe

Rava idli is a popular South Indian breakfast dish made with main ingredients semolina/rava and curd. Rava idli is a speciality of Karnataka State and it is served hot with sambar or coconut chutney. Rava idli is different from the traditional idli. Rava idli does not need elaborate grinding and fermentation and it can be prepared instantly.

Paruppu usili recipe

Paruppu usili is a very popular South Indian side dish for rice. It is a dry curry made with clusterbeans, bengalgram dal, urad dal and red chillies.

Rava laddu or ladoo recipe – Easy Indian deepavali/diwali sweet

Rava laddu is a very traditional sweet dish made from semolina/rava, sugar, milk and nuts. It is made on day of Diwali festival and on special occasions. Rava laddu is very popular and a tasty dessert liked by all.

Badam kheer or almond pudding recipe

Badam kheer is an Indian dessert made with milk, sugar, saffron and almonds. It is a very delicious and rich pudding which is made on special occasions. Saffron gives a nice colour and taste to the kheer. Badam kheer can be had either warm or chilled. Either way it tastes divine.

Avalakki payasa or aval payasam recipe

Avalakkai payasa is a traditional sweet dish made with beaten rice/poha, jaggery and coconut. This sweet dish is very popular in South India and it is also delicious and healthy. Jaggery has lot of iron content and beaten rice is easily digestible and fat free. Avalakki payasa is prepared on Janmashtami day, an auspicious occasion and served as offering/prasad to Lord Krishna. It is also prepared on all special and festive occasions.