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Potato rice/Aloo rice – How to make Potato rice – rice recipes

Potato rice – a very quick and delicious rice recipe made with boiled potatoes and rice.  It is best served with curd, papad or raita.  Potato rice or aloo rice is also  an ideal lunch box dish too, as this dish can be prepared instantly and in a jiffy.  You can add more vegetables along

Peanut rice – How to make peanut rice or groundnut masala rice – rice recipes

Peanut rice is a tasty south indian rice (also called as verkadalai sadam) prepared with rice, roasted peanuts and spices.  It is an ideal lunch box recipe for both kids and elders as well.  Peanut rice is very easy and quick to make too.  Dals like urad dal, chana dal and sesame seeds, coconut added

Soya Chunks Pulao recipe – How to make Soya chunks rice recipe – rice recipes

Soya chunks pulao – a simple and nutritious pulao recipe made with basmati rice and soya chunks with an aromatic flavor from the whole spices.   Soya chunks or nuggets are full of proteins and rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients proven to help lower cholesterol and loss of bone mass.  It is a  vegetarian high