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Sweet corn pulao

A complete meal by itself, sweet corn pulao is a very healthy and delicious rice dish. Corn is low in fat and has lot of vitamins including vitamin C and it is also high in fiber. Corn pulao is made with rice, corn and mixed with spices. It can be had on its own or served with raita or papads. Corn pulao recipe is easy to make and healthy too.

Vegetable fried rice recipe

A very popular and delicious chinese rice dish which is usually served with a gravy dish. It is a combination of vegetables like french beans, spring onions, carrot, capsicum and cabbage and spices and can be cooked faster. It is a lighter and healthy version of fried rice. Spring onions are important as it gives flavour to the fried rice.

Vangi bhath or brinjal rice recipe

Vangi bhath or brinjal rice is a popular rice dish from Karnataka. It is prepared with brinjals, rice and mixed with spice powders and is mainly accompanied by papads or raita.

Curd rice or mosaranna or thayir sadam recipe

Mosaranna or curd rice is a popular delicacy of South India. No South Indian meal is complete without curd rice. A very easy to make recipe, it is often eaten accompanied by pickles.

Tomato bhath or tomato rice recipe

Tomato bath or tomato bhath is a very delicious and simple to make recipe and a popular south indian dish. Tomatoes gives a tangy taste and flavour to the rice.

Peas and paneer pulao

Peas and paneer pulao is a nutritious and delicious rice dish. It can be served as a one pot meal with raita or papad as a light accompaniment.

Peas pulao

Peas pulao is a simple, easy and great accompaniment for any vegetarian main course.

Nimbe chitranna or Lemon rice

Lemon rice is a popular south indian dish and lemon juice gives a very tangy taste to the rice. It is extremely simple to make and tasty too. Lemon rice is a delicious rice dish made with steamed rice and flavoured with lemon juice which gives a tangy flavor and freshness to the rice.

Bisi bele bhath or Bisi bele huliyanna recipe

Bisi bele bhath is a kannada phrase which means hot lentil rice. This is a very traditional and popular rice dish and it has its origin in Karnataka. Bisi bele bhath is prepared with a combination of lentils, vegetables, spices and tamarind.

Capsicum rice recipe

Capsicum rice is a very tasty and delicious rice recipe made with capsicum and mild Indian spices. Peanuts and cashewnuts added to it make it more flavourful and yummy dish. Capsicum rice can be had on its own or best served with raita or papad. It is a delicious and sumptuous one pot meal and a perfect recipe for lunch box.