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Dal also called as lentils or split pulses is a staple Indian cuisine normally eaten with chapathis, naans or rice.  In India, it is eaten with rice and with a wheat flatbread called roti. The manner in which it is cooked and presented varies by region. In South India, dal is primarily used to make the dish called sambar.

Most dal recipes are very nutritious and rich in proteins and are quite simple to prepare. The standard preparation begins with boiling a variety of dal (or a mix) in water with some turmeric powder,  salt to taste, and then adding a fried garnish at the end of the cooking process. In some recipes, tomatoes, unripe mango or other ingredients are added while cooking the dal, often to impart a sour flavour.

Here I have compiled a list of dal recipes from my blog for your easy and quick reference.  Please click on the link given below the pic,  for the full recipe.  Happy cooking !!

Moong dal fry


Dal fry

dal fry

Chana dal fry

chana dal

Palak chana dal

palak chana dal

Whole green moong dal

green moong dal

Gujarati dal

guj dal

Raw mango dal

mango dal

Dal methi

dal methi


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