Mint lemonade recipe – how to make fresh mint lemonade recipe – summer drinks

Mint lemonade is a very refreshing and healthy drink made from mint leaves and lemon.   It is a great quencher for the hot summer days and a fat-free drink, if you have it without sugar.  Mint leaves adds freshness to the beverage.  It is also easy and quick to make and can also be had at all occasions, irrespective of any season, as a healthy beverage.  You can adjust sugar according to your taste buds.

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Prep Time :  10 mins

Servings : 2 persons

Indian cuisine


Water – 2 cups

Lemon – 1

Pudina/mint leaves – 1/4 cup

Sugar – 2-3 tablespoons

A pinch of salt

Mint leaves for garnishing

Few ice-cubes


Take 2 cups of water in a container or bowl.  Squeeze lemon juice into it.  Mix well.

IMG_9504-001 IMG_9503-001

Add sugar and salt and mix well again.  Grind the pudina/mint leaves with few teaspoons of water in a blender or mixer grinder.

IMG_9502-001 IMG_9506-001

Strain the pudina juice into a small bowl, with the help of a strainer.

IMG_9508-001 IMG_9509-001

Add the pudina juice to the lemon water in the container.  Combine everything well.  Mint lemonade is ready to be served.


IMG_9510-001 IMG_9511-001

Add few ice-cubes and serve mint lemonade chilled and enjoy!!



You can use chilled water for making this lemonade.

Adjust sugar according to the taste buds, desired by you.

Sprinkle little pepper powder to further enhance the taste.


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