Coconut ladoo recipe with condensed milk – easy Diwali recipes

Coconut ladoo recipe with condensed milk  is a simple and quick sweet recipe  prepared from dessicated coconut and condensed milk and flavoured with cardamom powder.  Coconut ladoo is also prepared from freshly grated coconut and condensed milk which also tastes great.  For that recipe, only white part of the coconut is used.  Here I have used dessicated coconut which I think gives a nice texture to the ladoo.  Dessicated coconut is available in all super stores or you can try Nilgiris for it.  I have also posted a coconut ladoo which is prepared with freshly grated coconut, sugar and milk, which is also a quick and easy method of making the ladoos.

Do try these yummy ladoos this Diwali season and enjoy with your loved ones!!!

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coconut ladoo2

Prep Time : 10  mins

Cook Time : 15 mins

Yield – 10

Indian cuisine


Grated or dessicated coconut – 2 cups plus 1/2 cup for rolling the ladoos

Milkmaid or sweetened condensed milk – 1 cup

Cardamom powder – 1/4 teaspoon

Ghee for greasing


Heat a non stick pan on a low flame.  Add dessicated coconut and condensed milk and combine together. Cook on a low flame for about 4-5 minutes by stirring continuously.  Cook the mixture till it gets thickened.  Once the mixture gets little thickened, add cardamom powder and mix well.


When the mixture leaves the sides of the pan and becomes a mass, switch off the flame.  Remove the mixture into a bowl.


Allow it to cool down completely.  Apply little ghee on your palm and shape the mixture into small ladoos. In a separate plate, add dried/dessicated coconut.  Roll each ladoo into it, till it is well coated with the dry coconut.



Place the ladoos in small muffin liners or in a serving plate.

Yummy coconut ladoos are ready to be served.

coconut ladoo3


If using freshly grated coconut, saute for a minute or two to remove the moisture from the coconut.  Take care not to brown them.  But if you are using dessicated coconut, no need to saute it.

Soak 10-12 saffron strings in 2 teaspoons of milk for 10- 15 minutes.  Add it along with cardamom  powder to the mixture for an enhanced flavour and taste.

Garnish with roasted cashewnuts or almonds.

It stays good for 4-5 days when stored in the refrigerator.

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  1. pinkyshsh says:

    Coconut ladoo reciepe is too gud

  2. These are so delicious, we have a very similar sweet in Brazil and it’s called “kisses”. Instead of cardamom we garnish it with a clove.

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