Mango icecream – how to make homemade mango icecream recipe – summer recipes

Mango icecream is a very delicious and easy ice-cream recipe made with just 3 ingredients – mango puree, condensed milk and milk cream.  It is summer time and now mangoes are in plenty in market.  So you can easily make this ice-cream at home to beat the heat.  This icecream recipe is without the use of icecream maker.  This homemade mango icecream is so rich and creamy that it just melts in your mouth and has a natural flavour of mangoes in it.   You can add chopped mango pieces or little honey or chopped dry fruits as a topping to the icecream or just serve plain as it is.  It tastes great anyways.

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Prep Time : 25  mins

Refrigeration time :  7-8 hours or overnight

Servings : 3-4 persons

Indian cuisine


Mango pulp or puree – 1 cup (with 2 large alphonso mangoes)

Condensed milk – 1/2 cup

Medium or low fat cream – 1/2 cup

Milk – 2-3 tablespoons



Peel the mangoes and chop them into small pieces.   Whip the milk cream till they become soft.


Take a blender and blend the chopped mangoes to a puree.  To this puree add condensed milk.

IMG_9251-001 IMG_9252-001

Whip the mixture again.    Add the whipped milk cream.

IMG_9253-001 IMG_9254-001

Whip the mixture well.  Finally add 3 tablespoons of milk.

IMG_9255-001 IMG_9256-001

Whip the entire mixture again till it is mixed evenly.  Transfer the ice-cream mixture to a freezer proof container  and cover it tightly with a lid.  Freeze the ice-cream mixture in freezer, for few hours, till half set.

IMG_9257-001 IMG_9259-001

Once half set, pour the mixture again to a blender and whip till smooth.  Transfer the mixture to the same container and cover it tightly with a lid and freeze till fully set.  This process helps to avoid ice crystals from forming and also for a smooth texture.


Once fully set, scoop out the mango ice-cream in a bowl and serve plain or with chopped mango pieces or dry fruits as a topping.



Add more sugar if you prefer a little more sweet taste to the ice-cream.  Otherwise the condensed milk is just sweet enough for this  ice-cream.

Whip the cream well in a blender, for a softer ice-cream.

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  1. Hiba says:

    Yummy and the kids would love to have them

  2. Shweta jain says:

    How much condensed milk is to be added ?

  3. Leelavati says:

    hi – will this work with bananas as well?

  4. Alka says:

    Lovely recipe for the summer without heavy cream

  5. Maryam joda says:

    Yummy!!! Gatto try it! Thanx

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