Palak (spinach) recipes -Indian spinach recipes – 12 Indian spinach/palak recipes

Spinach or palak is a superfood which is loaded with tons of nutrients in a low-calorie package.  It is one of the most popular green leafy vegetable  and staple in a number of cultural cuisines.

They are important for skin, hair and bone health. They also provide protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals and hence highly beneficial to the body.  There are various ways to include spinach in your diet.  Spinach can be added as an ingredient to many dishes either in cooked or in raw form.

This post is a collection of spinach recipes which can be prepared in a very easy manner.  Spinach is best sautéed for a short time or steamed or blanched.  Avoid overcooking of spinach for health benefits.

Palak paneer recipe

Dal palak recipe – How to make dal palak (spinach dal) recipes – vegetarian recipes

Spinach (palak) dhokla recipe – Spinach with arhar (toor) dal dhoklas

Palak curry recipe – how to make simple palak curry recipe – side dish for rotis/rice

Palak chana dal recipe – How to make spinach chana dal – Dal recipes

Palak khichdi recipe – How to make spinach or palak dal khichdi recipe – khichdi recipes

Spinach peas (Palak matar) pulao

Palak puri/poori or spinach puri recipe

Palak pakora recipe – How to make palak pakora/pakoda recipe – spinach fritters recipe

Spinach or palak soup

Palak tofu / spinach tofu recipe – How to make tofu in spinach gravy recipe – palak recipes

Spinach curd curry recipe – how to make spinach curd curry recipe – Indian curry recipes









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