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Oats dosa recipe – how to make healthy oats dosa recipe – breakfast recipes

Oats are rich in proteins and fibre and helps in reducing cholesterol and gives energy to keep you going. A healthy and nutritious breakfast to start your day.


A popular south indian breakfast recipe made of rice and lentils

Aloo or alu paratha

A popular north indian breakfast dish served with yogurt, pickle or butter.

Idli uppittu or idli upma recipe

Idli is a south indian snack made of fresh idlis or leftover idlis. It is a very common breakfast in South India and is very simple to make too. Idli upma is a very delicious dish which can also be had as an evening snack.

Onion or kanda poha (Avalakki) recipe

Flattened or beaten rice is used to prepare snacks or light food and with spices, chillies, onions and peas added to it makes up for an ideal and nutritious breakfast. This dish is very popular in Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Shavige Uppittu or Vermicelli Upma

 SHAVIGE UPPITTU OR VERMICELLI UPMA   Vermicelli upma is a very simple and delicious breakfast dish made with vermicelli, onions and tomatoes. You can add your own choice of vegetables like carrot or peas to make it even more nutritious. It is high on fibre and low on calories.  Preparation time : 10 minutes Cooking