Vermicelli/Semiya kesari recipe – festival sweet recipe

Vermicelli or semiya kesari is a very quick and easy recipe prepared with vermicelli, sugar, cardamom powder, ghee and nuts.  This recipe is made during festive occasions or any other special occasions.  Today I prepared semiya kesari as an offering to Goddess Durga (today being the first day of Navratri) and sharing this recipe to you.  Navratri is a very famous Indian festival celebrated in different parts of the country like Karnataka (Mysore dasara),  Tamil Nadu, Gujarat (also known for dandiya and garba during this period) etc.   Vermicelli kesari is very similar to rava kesari which I have already posted earlier.  There are many varieties of kesari which can be prepared like rava kesari,  pineapple kesari, aval kesari and so on.


Prep Time : 5  mins

Cook Time :  20 mins

Servings : 3-4 persons

South Indian cuisine


Vermicelli/semiya – 1 cup

Sugar – 3/4 cup

Water – 2 cups

Ghee – 4 tablespoons

Cardamom powder – 1/4 teaspoon

Orange food colour – a pinch

Few cashewnuts and raisins


Heat ghee on a pan on a medium flame.  Add cashewnuts and roast till golden brown.  Add raisins and saute till they puff up.  Remove them and keep it aside.

I have used roasted vermicelli.  If you have the plain vermicelli. just add little ghee to the pan and roast vermicelli on a low flame till golden brown.  Set aside

In the same pan, add 2 cups of water and bring the water to a boil.


Add the roasted vermicelli and cook the vermicelli on a low flame.  Once the water is fully absorbed and vermicelli is fully cooked, add the sugar and mix well.


Once the sugar is added, the mixture will turn watery.  Keep stirring on a low flame for some more time till the sugar is fully absorbed by the mixture.


Once kesari starts thickening, add cardamom powder and food colour to the kesari and mix well.


Add fried cashew nuts and raisins and ghee.  Stir it evenly and switch off the flame.

Delicious vermicelli kesari or semiya kesari is ready to be served.

semiya kesari4


You can skip orange food colour and add a pinch of saffron to get a colourful kesari.

Add sugar after the vermicelli is fully cooked or else it will have a hard or rubbery texture.

Adjust sugar according to sweet taste required by you.

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